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Injuries through accidents is one of the biggest problems faced by street dogs. Often people driving at night do not see an animal in their path until it is too late. A common victim of these unfortunate events are dogs.

We frequently conduct reflective collar drives with the intention to collar all the dogs that are in our care. So far, we have collared 90+ dogs.

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These collars reflect light during the night, which will help drivers see street dogs in dark, thus significantly reducing the number of hit-and-run cases. We have organized reflective collar drives on two separate occasions. The first, conducted in December 2020, collared 70+ dogs in the vicinity of Kaulagarh road, Rajendra Nagar, ONGC IDT, and Ambedkar stadium. The second was conducted in June 2021 in Gadi Cantt, Rajpur rd., Kuthalgate and Jakhan and collared 20+ dogs. We also continue this effort in small waves.

These collars are highly effective and a life-saving aid when it comes to street dogs. We want to see every dog in Dehradun with a reflective collar on.

Street dogs in India face a lot of challenges and it is up to you and us to become their voices, fight their fight. Save Our Strays is an ongoing project of Our Faith where we conduct various health and safety drives for the aid of countless strays in Dehradun. As part of this project, we have conducted vaccination, deworming and reflective collar, in addition to our regular feeding drives where we provide meals to 180+ dogs. Through this project, we aim to provide every street animal with a better chance at life.

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