Feeding Drives

Our stray feeding drive is our longest ongoing project and the best part of our day. This one is just special to us...

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Plantation Drive

From green city to concrete city, Dehradun has certainly changed a lot. So we decided to plant trees and...

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Reflective Collar Drive

Shiny things are quick to grab our attention. We equipped our dogs with these collars so you don’t miss them in the dark...

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Deworming Drive

We regularly deworm our pups to keep them healthy. It is super important and the easiest way to protect them from any harm...

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Vaccination Drive

Vaccination drives are an essential part of our project "Save The Strays". We regularly vaccinate our pups to maintain their health and build their immunity...

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Lockdown Meals

This pandemic has been heavy on us all. So we decided to do something about it and help out in our community...

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We are a non-profit organization, so no, we do not charge for rescues. Most animals that we rescue are strays who do not have anyone else to look after them. We usually learn about these cases either through informers, who call us, or WhatsApp/Facebook groups. Anyone who is within the vicinity of the animal helps in their rescue. We usually sponsor treatments of the rescued animals ourselves. However, from time to time, we do have to raise money to be able to cover hospital bills, medication, etc,.
You can start by taking responsibility for one dog and soon, you will find yourself looking after a whole pack. Strictly speaking of food, you will find that the street dogs in your locality do not require anything too fancy. They will be happy eating simple food like rice, chapati, diluted milk, curd, biscuits, cooked eggs, etc. combined with some pedigree, if you like. For our feeding drives, we usually prepare a mix of rice, pedigree and biscuits. It is easily available in every kitchen and makes for a healthy meal for dogs. You can read more about our feeding drives here.
Save The Strays” is an ongoing project of the organization, in which we work to better the lives of stray animals. Already the organization is feeding 180+ dogs in some areas of Dehradun every day. We have collaborated with other NGOs to conduct several drives including vaccination, reflective collar and deworming drives. Apart from these events, we continually keep a check on all dogs in our care. They are regularly vaccinated and dewormed to maintain their health. You can read more about it here.
No, we are not funded by the government. The organization is majorly funded by its members. In addition to this, we also receive donations from people, both in cash and in kind.
We have several payment options to facilitate our donors. You can donate to us via bank transfer, online transfer or in-kind donations. You can access our donation page from here.
“Mission Feed The Homeless” is an initiative by Our Faith, Shuruwat Foundation, and Tapri, The Teafe to make safe, cooked meals accessible to people during lockdown in Dehradun. It began in May 2021 to help the underprivileged communities and offer them some respite. Since then, we have been distributing 40 meals a day every day in the city. You can read more about it here.
FRRC is a recuperation center. We foster dogs who require a sheltered space to recover from injury/illness/abuse both mental and physical. Once they are healthy and fit, they are released back to their localities. FRRC does house ten dogs that we had adopted some time back. But we want to continue fostering at the center so as to allow more animals a safe space to heal and grow.
YES! We are always looking for like-minded individuals to help us out. You can access the volunteer form here.
We have tried to reach out to our community and help as many as we could. Last year, we started sponsoring the education of two girls whose family could no longer afford it. Through Mission Feed The Homeless, we have distributed 1000+ meals in Dehradun. Another need of the hour was helping our community combat the pandemic during the most recent covid wave. We were able to distribute covid essentials kits to students while also verifying important leads and resources to better serve our city.
Yes, we do assist with online adoptions. If you have animals up for adoption, you can fill our form (link to adoption form here) and we will help amplify your message. Please make available as much information in your form as you can. This will allow us to refine our search and we will be able to find a suitable family for your furbabies. If you are looking to adopt an animal, you can reach us on social media and we will help you in your search. Please note, we do not charge a dime for assisting in adoptions. Our only concern is placing the animal in good homes.
We have 10 adopted dogs at FRRC (Faith Rescue and Recuperation Centre). We also look after the dogs we meet daily on our feeding drives. In addition to them, we also continually rescue animals and nurse them back to health. You can read more about our recuperation center here.

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